Thé mystery of ambazonia nation building

Thé mystery of ambazonia nation building.

There is a cautious and a sub cautious metaphor among anglophones. I wonder if leaders a cautious or sub cautious of the propaganda destroying anglophones but what is amazing is the number of believers in the modern android world. What is beyond imagination is this.

Every body has a head but few have a brain. If you have a brain then you can vividly remember this; we are not Cameroonians, we are English. Tapang & co 2016.

That is the head of UB graduates
That is the head of bush fallers
That is the head that wants to engineer a new country but does not even know his own identity.

Thousands believe and went on streets singing we are English. That is the force of education and the Android generation. Believe me, Amba people are sick and the illness with a plaque. Bush fallers thinking speaking pidgin makes you English? No doubt grammar has failed to advance the struggle.

I want to tell Amba people, nation building is not conformity but rational analysis and dialysis of ideologies.

That is our elder, one of our brothers who was present in 1961 but read for yourself what he is using to sing independence restoration. Well educated with degrees. Has he a brain or a head? You believe him. What will you called your brain? Sheep head6C4B1A88-3814-4FEE-801F-95C5B76FDF2E

But the question is simple; what are you trying to achieve with propaganda?

This is not the most sinister aspect of the struggle.

The same ideology has been used to lobby for independence at the international level with no legal and political evidence to justify it merits

It is clear that ambazonia is indirectly setting the land ablaze in the name of independence.

Anglophones were told without resources in the English-speaking section, Cameroon will collapse. Within the trusteeship, how was the French section surviving? Look at the adverse effect of ghost town in an attempt to collapse Cameroon?

Look at the numbers of people who are now refugees today, just because you want to lure the international community to your course?

The international community has now spoken. You are Cameroonians not English and there is nothing as two Cameroon.

What are you trying to attend now.68146427-f5ae-494e-8970-664c31035788-1

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