Where is Ambazonia today. My prophecy must be accomplished. Ambazonia is death

Ambazonia had no coherent plan nor did they have any meaningful strategy. A jungle of frustration. What is your resettlement plan? Strategic plan, after violence management plan?

Ambazonia is more like a church than a political movement.

Look on every Amba preacher’s platform to see how education is destroying people who once boost thousands of followers. Tapang and cohort, Wirba and cohorts are looking for a Siberia to duck their heads.

Is not because I am against the current regime and speak English that I believe in differences but because I am truly the difference. Those who support ambazonia simple because they hate the status quotes are educated illiterates. Hypocrisy

Ambazonia has left you more confused than before, more frustrated than before and with a scare that wasn’t there. What is independence? Propaganda? Violence? Hatred etc? What can’t you do today?

I prophesied to Amazonia 2016 the end game but was called a traitor for speaking the truth;

We are Cameroonians not English can Wirba testify that statement today!

We have no unique problems if you doubt it, spell the unique problem.

Problems affecting human beings should have a central human approach not political approach doubt it explain why the flames are consuming you instead.

The so called history is a vague propaganda of the truth. If you doubt it, demonstrate we had independence and southern Cameroon was a state.

It was far easy to seek help to change leadership than to separate Cameroon but who and where is the ordained leader? Judge for yourself today.

All Cameroonians are marginalised at different magnitude.doubt it defined your terminology.

The state of the nation should be our focus; economy, unemployment etc

Ambazonia should embrace a legitimate political approach to rival cpdm and sdf.

Address problems from the roots. Etc

What are you experiencing today?

If you are not an educated illiterate and support ambazonia, spell the difference today!

All ambazonia preachers had thousands of loyal fanatics in 2016. Three years on, see for yourself their platforms. Insult. That is the power of education (pas Claudius ideology)

Where is your mentor Wirba the architect of resist? In freedom kingdom refusing his part in crimes against humanity in Cameroon.

Tapang Ivo and Mark have lost their tongue. Chris Anu and Cohorts are as confused as before.

If you are not traitors and blacklegs, demonstrate your adventure again. What do you want to achieve and how? Spell the plan?

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