Président Biya is A political Genius take it or leave it

The more you follow this crisis, the more you appreciate Mr Biya.

Like Mr Biya or not, he is a political genius to the world. Future African will used his political wisdom to try an govern African multicultural and multiethnic countries. I must not like him but as a liberal, facts are facts

Many will disagree but remember until you go to the USA, you won’t hear the anti Obama voices. Until you go to South Africa, you won’t hear the anti Mandela Voices. Until you speak to a Nigerian, you won’t know how bad Nigeria is.

Even Sisiku tried to emulate Mr Biya but failed to realised some core political attributes

Don’t just judge him on the economic standards but remember Ambazonia paid millions to Foyer Lawyer to put on a law suite against Biya from embezzlement to all sort of charges but failed to land just one blow.

They Advised you that you had nothing against Mr Biya. This last elections proof beyond doubt his ability.

Mr Biya has even Sisiku’s file dating back to when he was a worker in Cameroon to hang him for the set crimes ambazonia tried against him.

After 3 decades of leadership, you would expect a lawyer to out run Mr Biya but Kamto failed.

If you think Kamto won, asked yourself how many MPs have Kamto in Parliament?

Ambazonia thought through propaganda, they will make the world see Mr Biya as a dictator but see how he has handle Ambazonia! Is Mr Biya a dictator? Then Mr Trump and The UK MP are the same.

People turn to mistake that democracy is about the majority in Parliament and CPDM has it all.

If not of the hypocrisy, stupidity, selfishness and greed among Cameroonians, Mr Biya would be seen as one of the greatest African leaders.

Just one tweek in his approach to leadership will make Cameroon a safe heaven.

Look at the bush fallers numbers and see the percentage that are preaching Amba but still taking their wages.

Our problem as Cameroonians is hypocrisy.


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