What is Ambazonia?



Strangling strike?

Revolutions have a clear cut agenda that is politically, legally and morally binding or a set agenda that can be defined and demonstrated. We don’t know if this is a restoration of independence struggle or self determination or independence fight or a mare struggle for change or fight to achieve federation.
Is changing daily and even supporters/ leaders can’t agree on what they are after.

Struggles just like the revolution are set out to challenge and demonstrate a better alternative as clearly spoken by Amba leaders. In practice Amba is the antonym of their own preaching. They have forgotten what they set out to achieve.

Is it a confused strangling strike yes. In ambazonia vocabulary, leadership is about any body talking openly about ambazonia sympathising and repeating what they are expecting. From the beginning and after 3yrs, Amba has no clear cut decisive leader, Ayaya, wirba, Cho Ayaba, sisiku, Tapang, Mark, pauline, etc are all leaders with their own support base. The most strangling factor is, none is able to come out and define the legality, demonstrate an understanding of the political implications of their agenda. For 3yrs, the answer is still “it was” and insult.

The only word widely spoken is marginalisation of anglophones. Is anglophones an identity? No. Who is an anglophone? Former southern Cameroon. The answers are as confused as the people.

A576EA50-B75D-48AD-B140-518C949FB026.jpegAll in all, Ambazonia is like an angry man who decided to commit suicide by hanging as a game of attention seeking. After hanging he starts to cry out for help in denial. Strangling struggle suffocating empathisers

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