Putting Amba Right for Ever

Putting Amba Right.

We ve a problem with amba pple. They think UN laws are amba laws that override sovereign laws. Then they equally override amba laws giving me the same rights not to be part of amba and seek self determination for Bali.

Let me make this clear to all of you folks including chris anu, sahko and cho ayaba, those laws are not there for you to brainstorm and recite like idiots. Instead the LAWS, rules and regulations are there for you to understand and demonstrate how they will apply to you and not Biafra or catalonia in a manner that your own sovereignty laws will not be under written.

They are equally applicable to everyone.

How dull can a PhD student be. I want to point all of you the legal implications of the plebiscite in your use of terminology. The oracle says that the plebiscite void the name southern Cameroon. To move forward SC cameroon was not a nation but part of Cameroon under English administration.

The plebiscite was the point to grant it nation status but that option was not on the table although it was widely discussed. Above all, who were you prior to the plebiscite?

What you are staging is only applicable to the northern part. You can only seek self determination but you lack the brains to interpret it.

Let me ask all of you ignorant disgruntled youths. When did we unilaterally agreed to adopt the name AMBA? When did we agree to make it an official name and under what principles?

Now you see why the white man thinks we are idiots. You are not different to barbarians of the dark ages who think the gun is above the pen then make it legal and enact it into law in your constitution giving everyone the right to pickup arms in the name of self defence and seek independence.

This is not about PhD but common sense and Wisdom. At independence we were backward and 6 decades on we are backward

The Oracle cited in the Pas Claudius Ideology.67C59C14-2114-4312-88F4-8B9ACF6AE8E5

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