Addressing the crisis in the NW, SW and far North province of Cameroon.

Do not say, he/she is not sick without the ability to experience their pain but when the patient knows his/her illness and have decided the treatment then the doctor become an adviser.
Leadership should not only be about the interest of the people but also about how to guide them effectively towards attending their basic needs safely and proportionately. In the past 4yrs it has become a personal affair. How will it be counter-productive.
It takes one idea to crack the biggest code but it will need people to apply it into practice. It is not my position to demonstrate the existence of your problem but this is the opportunity for whosoever believes in such problem to step forward. We must acknowledge that no one ordinary Cameroonians is immune from what ever problem you may perceive in the NW or SW except you can demonstrate the contrary.

This is not the seed for drama that has misled many but the plant that signals the might of the way forward for Cameroon. I will start with elites to top politicians to rebel leaders etc if you have it come forward. We have gone past the stage that titles, degrees, status etc over shadow wisdom, raw knowledge on the subject etc

The time has come for us to stop the few bickering, stop intoxicating the brain with alcohol and misleading the mass, stop using titles, positions and degree to silent true leadership. I Claudius de Great father of the pas Claudius ideology must spell an end to all and pave the way forward.

Talent, knowledge etc must not be spoken behind close doors to fuel a propagandist machine that speaks volumes but deliver nothing. We need a practical evidence base ideology. In the coming days, I will crack all the codes and provide practical solutions that will advance our country for ever. When it is tough, the tough brains proof their worth.

No two people can address this problem to pave the way for a better Cameroon for all tomorrow.

We must say NO to false presentation but be more than willing to acknowledge defeat. Above all we must be ready to embrace facts beyond belief for the good of all today and tomorrow.

Who is willing to take on the challenge? The time has come for us to drive the country forward.

Cameroon is our country and we are Cameroonians from the Kamerun blood.

Claudius de great.img_0199

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