The Age of scepticism and wisdom from great minds.

It is utterly disgusting, degrading to see people who have pickup the highest most prestigious award in education to reason more like a sheep herd.

I want to tell all Cameroonians, some of whom are panicking running from left to right and trading insult, engage in self inflicted violence, arms, desecration etc of the land in the name of democracy that we are not the first or the last human beings to surface on this earth or are experiencing a socio-political and economic trauma. Stop preaching land suffocation and inciting resentment the land is not heading towards a cliff.

Look up in the dry Seasons and you will see bee swamps. The queen bee leading the colony out of their safety on a no return journey. They have no home, no food but are heading towards a better future with faith.
At their rest spots the scout bees are despatched in search of safe homes. A colony of a thousand or so bees with hundreds of special agents and scouts to guide them to safety. How possible can that be? Look at the NW and SW today, a handful of men and a hundreds of followers unable to access a situation, analysis and put forward a resounding, plausible pathway, safe and coherent to all.

How do bees manage to agree on one scouts bee’s decision and move to shelter or a new home? Scepticism of the whole colony guides rational ideas of each an every scout bee and special agents are send to examine the new shelter. Only when a full confirmation and affirmation is conceived will the queen move the colony to the new home. Point of interest; safety of the colony from predators and each an every member of the colony is at the heart of their decision making.

They survive yearly with less complicated tools of mankind. Why is mankind with sophisticated brains and tools unable to achieve what bees in the wild are delivering yearly?

I tell you some facts; the great Athenian Socrates was right and if we want to use democracy alone as the wisdom of the future system of governance, then we are all doom to failed for democracy has been diluted by orators. Let accountable lead not democracy.

The Pas Claudius Ideology. 2DB872E0-9B5D-4683-BF2A-875B80232618

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