I am a fan, I am a supporter I am a patriots, I am a Cameroonian. It has been a sad couple of years, It has been a sad week, it is a sad situation in our country’s football. From north to south, from east to west innocent children, mothers, parents, Cameroonians are dying innocently from none and Unknown causes. Can we hold a minute of silence to all our brothers and sisters who left their houses unaware that was to be their last. I don’t wish this to happen to any family and my sincere condolence to all bereaved families. If it can happened to them, it can happen to you, it can happen to me. What should we do? Come one, come all let us stand in unity and pay our respect.

The last tragedy, the stade Olembe (Biya), is a football tragedy. I am a football fan, I support my country Cameroon, I will stand up to the victims. We as a nation are faced with two problems; first, the national team, the nation has lost at least six supporters and many injured. Secondly, if a 10 man Comoros could score the lions then 11 man Comoros would have given us a double blow to the brain. The National team should see this as a warning. Nothing, nothing will satisfy the victims except the trophy that will be dedicated to them.

A tragedy is a tragedy but we can do more to safe life(s).
Good Blessed us, God Blessed Cameroon.

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