Reason like an Amba Inferior Mentality for life. Canada Talks

We are who we are because we have achieved what we are today not because of my fault or your fault. Canada is what it is because of what Canadian have achieved for Canada. While Canadian spend their time reflecting on current problems and seeking solutions that impact Canadian’s Life (s), We in Cameroun spend our time on historical problems that have no bearing on our daily lives hence Canadians are moving forward whereas Cameroonians are going backwards mentally.

Yes peace is what we want but the way to peace is the truth and for us to put down our arms and return home..
We want the truth, but how will à historical truth advance anyone’s personal Life? That is the question of reason.

Secondly, if we know the truth, why are we seeking the truth from someone else?

Thirdly, we must appreciate Amba in her initiative to seek peace with the help of Canada but I am a proud Cameroon who wants to ask all of you, what problems do we have that Canada does not have and how good are they at addressing their own problems to be our mentors?

If Canada has less unemployment it is Canadian have decided to great jobs for themselves to the extent of employing us to help sleep their roads and wash their toilets. Here in Cameroon we want someone else to create the jobs. That is the mentality we need

If Canada is developed, it is because Canadians have decided to build their country contrary to us who are expecting someone else to build for us.

Finally, I want to ask those in Canada to tell us how many jobs are created by the state of Canada and how many are created by the private sector.

Now I want to ask Amba, is this dialogue a means to ask Canada to remind us of this basic truth or what are We begging Canada for?

Italians had nothing at one point but today they are proud manufacturer famous for shoes and sport cars. They were the highest migrants at one point and that was the talent they took home. China is another of recent. Why only in Africa do we return home but with weapons and what have we achieved with the weapons so that Europeans can learn from us? Nothing but more dullness. That is Amba mentality of IT WAS.

I am a Cameroonian, i acknowledge we are far behind but that is not important. What is important is the quality of life.


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