A Reminder To All Amba Support Remnants. ( The Mystery of Wirba, Tapang Ivo and Mark Bareta fuelled?

It was all but certain in 2016 that this struggle was doomed but Mark & Ivo under the brand of consortium aided by media outlet let Mimi M and Equinox for the sake of their own glory and firm decided to fuel the crisis through propaganda.

Many felt for it. It culminated and give momentum to Sisiku to declare war on us and openly blame the alibi LRP. Amba claims to be fighting for your better future.

The desecration is around 15 trillion of 56yrs hard work by the state of Cameroon NOT THE BRITISH OR BRITISH SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.

Thousands displaced and thousands death.

Today, where is the voice that fuelled the crises and give us the spirit to pickup arms? Is Tapang Ivo or Mark Berata aware of your personal misery inflicted by their actions as leaders of the consortium?

A word to the wise is enough. An Amba surrender was issued on the 25/03/23 to let peace reign. Is Mark or Tapang or Sisiku accepting responsibilities of the pain they inflicted on you through their actions? All our noises are geared towards innocent when killed but our brave military when hiding in bushes. Why are all the killings in areas Amba militia are hiding?

Anyone still with arms has only one option: hand in the arms at the nearest police station or will be seen as part of the group of bandits we willingly opened the prison walls and set free to Terrorise the mass in the name of Amba.

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