The Demons of Ambazonia called Odeshi

I like ambazonia people. You are so proud of your odeshi, yet you are looking for money to buy machine guns. Do you think, the people who built the machine guns were gods. It is odeshi and PhD my brothers.

You have it, PhD and odeshi. Build a machine gun with it let me see. Your own odeshi is demons

I want to tell them something simple. So long as your nation remains on Facebook, we have no problem with you. We need baby sitters and cleaners with PhD around the world. In China with need people who have PhD and fluent in grammar to teach English to Chinese children. We need to accommodate Amba people around the world. In England we need qualified grave diggers who are fluent in grammar.

In Cameroon help yourself but No ambazonia in Cameroon. We have plenty of farms. With good grammar you can make use of the land. The entertainment industry is growing and needs Amba bush faller.

Amba Rebelles, if your odeshi is working please use it to sale chemicals in Dubai. The whole world is 419 hence your magic is 419. Give some to your leaders so that they can visit the world bank or use it to convince the world to believe in you. Put it into good practice. Build a bicycle with it that will serve you positively and create jobs for anglophones. You can raised billions to buy weapons but I want you to use the money alongside odeshi to build and create industries for yourselves.

I have this message to Tapang and Eric,there are lots of anglophones sick and dying in hospitals. Summon your odeshi to their aid.

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