How Effective is the Cameroon Military?

In short, the military is ruthlessly finishing the war ambazonia started. If you are unhappy with it,

Tell the world the best alternative. In our society not western society, strong head Pikkin’s solution is the cain. Ambazonia claims to represent anglophones hence anglophones should realise it is their responsibility to denounce that claim and be free. Villages that have denounced Ambazonia actions are relatively safe.

Above all, how does Ambazonia represent anglophones? Who and when was this mandate sign. You don’t force people to accept your agenda.

Remember your slogan. Cameroon has no military and anglophones out numbers them. We will teach them how to fight. You were right. Ruthless but effective and efficient approach

In 2016, the military not used to violence suffered casualties giving ambazonia an illusion picture of winning.

Little did you know what military men are trained to do. Defending the integrity of a nation means eliminating the enemy if all other venues have been exploited. Remember, Cameroon military not French speaking military.

Mr Biya has exploited each and every venue but ambazonia wants a show down thinking God will show sympathy. God does not show sympathy on people who do not empathise on themselves.

Honest speaking, Mr Biya has proven to be human and has done his best to address the problem. Dialogue home and abroad was refused by ambazonia and her diaspora. Disarmament and reintegration refused. What else do you want when he has address all reasonable problems presented by us? img_0047

In just 2yrs, the military is showing ambazonia what resist is all about.

For those abroad, come down or stop talking in your burrows like shrimp hiding from sharks but breathing.

If you have the gut come out ambazonia. I am an anglophone and I am a Cameroonian. Violence does not bring change and violence in the name of change or independence is not a virtue.

Yes the country need a change but I will not advocate for you. If you want to sacrifice, put yourself at the front line and not the neighbour full stop.


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