The Future Health pathway of Cameroon

The health of a nation is the economic potential of that nation. Our country today is down as a result of poor health.

Child mortality rate is very high

Teenage mortality rate very high

Hospital associates deaths very high

The death rate in our country is very high

Teenage pregnancy and death at birth is high

The socio-economic state of the country is our primary point of concern but we are examining the education system and the curriculum before the structural changes that our society need.

Starting from primary education, we need to en cooperation basic health care into the curriculum associated with human biology. We need to break down the nursing studies to recognise the mental health state of the nation. We need to revise the legislation enforcing nurses and doctors to be more responsible and accountable.

We need a total shift from monopoly of the medical supply chain to create a more competitive alternative. We need to clean the whole land from road side doctors and back yard clinics forcing doctors and nurses into more private community oriented nursing that can be more legalised.

We need to review and provide government funded sexual health clinics to address and prevent the spread of STD.

We need to re-evaluate the code of practice of nurses and doctors pushing care towards a more client base.

The scope at which public health is currently provided is above the lower wage cap. We need to make public health affordable for all Cameroonians and accessible. The current system is behind the growth of route side doctors back yard clinics.

We will be examining the economy of the nation to ensure it can sustain the needs of Cameroon tomorrow.img_3445

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