The Reason I am Very Disappointed With Amba Leadership.

Not only has Amba and their leaders destroyed the future of a whole generation of youths across the NW and SW, they show no remorse of their actions against their future! SCNC gave Amba a political invincibility view for 56yrs but it is a shame despite all the modern sources of knowledge/information today, Amba embarked on the same political invincible only to be plagued by it. This is a fact, the inability of Amba to demonstrate marginalisation of anglophone or the existence of a difference or English culture existence in us is a big blow to SCNC ideology.

If we are really knowledgeable with reason as we claimed, where did we get this idea that Englishness and English grammar is a demonstration of knowledge? With all the grammar at international stage, what have we achieved? Nothing. Is Ukraine communicating their problems in English grammar? Are they being heard? Why are you crying hypocrisy today? Shameful. Fighters of liberation go on air to announce the liberation of towns but Amba go on air jubilant of planting explosives. That is what terrorist organisation do not people who claim to be fighting a liberation fight. Shameful. Depriving your own people of means to circulate. Who are you fighting for Amba?

Amba gave ordinary youths false hopes, many abandoned their sustainable way of life, many ran out of their societies to become victims of crimes and inhumanity in other parts of Cameroon. Many have turn into a life of crimes whilst others are in bushes with arms not knowing what future awaits them. We are human beings and if you are the leader of Ambazonia or and Amba general or fighter, this message is for you. If you are a supporter of Amba, read this message.

Ni John Ndi, the most powerful opposition party leader in the history of Cameroon modern politics once said, “ the boys are right and if I was young and able I would have picked up arms and done the same” when the boys kidnapped him, his rhetoric change against Amba. A potential leader of Cameroon making such inflammatory remarks! Wirba said we will resist but ran at the sound of the gun. Do we need leaders with reason and wisdom or leaders with intelligence and emotions? Ayaba Cho on the other hand said Cameroon has cross the red line. He advocated for anarchy against his own people. A war commander hiding abroad! Akwanga, said Biya we are coming for you, Chris Anu, Tapang, said Cameroon is in his hands. The same bunch of people who called the international community toothless bulldogs begging for dialogue. Do you readers really think any of these guys can face the international community? What will they say? I wonder if we follower have heads to reason. These are clowns not leaders.

SCNC has after 56yrs successfully convinced innocent youths with their hypothesis of a difference, marginalisation, Englishness and English culture etc and culture youths into behaviours of prejudice, stereotypes and hatred against their innocent brothers and sisters just because colonial rule effects lasted with them speaking French.

Today, across the NW and SW, people with different political opinions and party affiliation are treated with contempt and as enemies why? See the down fall of SDF, I strongly believe many will not see or attribute the downfall of the most powerful opposition party ever to surface in Cameroon with a charismatic leader called Ni John to the infiltration of SCNC members like Wirba with their personal political passions of a difference, envy and power mongering. SCNC or Amba ideology can only be compared to Nazi Idiology of Aryan race. We all know what happened to the mbororos and their cattle. We know the inflammatory language used by Amba leaders and the labelling of people who have coexisted among us for centuries and decades. Nobody decided where to be born and if you where born in a place called Cameroon, you are a Cameroonian equal to other It is a fact we must learn to reconcile with it with grace not furry rather than the imaginary propaganda of NCNC “We Are Not Cameroonians” anglo perfect, civil people Amba portrays. .

However, you can decide where to settle and almost all Amba leaders abroad have done just that. Why then do you preach hate against those who decided to settle in the NW and SW? In the days of SDF, CPDM members were treated like enemies across the NW and SW due to the toxic nature of their politics, people still hold this toxic emotional politics against others for nothing today. Yaoundé, was seen with scepticism always and CPDM and Biya are portrayed as always against us. You can see how this toxic political invincibility has played and plagued Amba today. It is a shame that normal democratic political undertaking are made to be seen with envy by those we see as knowledgeable guidance leaders.

It is shameful that Amba leaders spend their time on social media making inflammatory speeches backslapping each other instead of actually telling the mass how they can do better. Instead of opening up to different ideas they rather conform to their ancestral poems of knowledge invincibility of SCNC at a time when even primary school children can see the difference and tell them their wrongs. I want to ask readers to point to just one leader since 2015 who has actually demonstrated how he/she can form a society with nobody complaining of marginalisation? All we know is Biya this and that, CPDM this and that, how different?

It is a shame, even at this moment of Amba dreams fading, no leader can even come out to apologies to the mass. People like Wirba who told people to resist the forces of law are no where to be seen. The SCNC machine that told us that we were not Cameroonians is mute. Not only 5yrs of war is ending without any successful practical outcome to benefit the youths, it is ending without any Amba or SCNC member demonstrating the existence of English culture, the Englishness, the marginalisation etc of francophones against anglophones. Worse of all, they are unable to demonstrate the meaning of anglophone today just like they did prior to the struggle

Cameroon is our Country and we will build it how we want with our limited resources.

The oracle is our guide. I do not write to incite violence or to provoke some but to stimulate thinking, the breadbasket of reason.

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