British Southern Cameroon aka Anglophone Zone critique

Many ignorant Cameroonians from the NW and South West province have never questioned this assertion of anglophone until now. Many use the word drawn from the history textbook but it mind blowing how one could attend Phd level and still identifies as an anglophone or British Southern Cameroonian.

From class one in the primary school, our parents bought us a dictionary, and used our birth certificates. From class three some could read. From class 5 some could develop analytical skills. How did some reach secondary education as an anglophone and anglophone zone with 7yrs of dictionary in their hands?

Why did our parents spend millions on textbooks? The British queen recently passed away and nobody in the U.K. recognised anything like British southern Cameroon should speak volumes to the ignorant. The new King knows you not hence who really knows this British Southern Cameroon! Dwelling on history to justify your ideology does not make you knowledgeable but ignorant of current affairs.

The word anglophone is mostly echoed by people of the NW and SW living in other parts of Cameroon. In the interior of these provinces, the world is in history textbooks. If we go by statistics, 80% of these people speak French fluently than English. In the NW and SW, the language in used is pidgin hence how could an educated Cameroonian with an Android today use the word anglophone zone as his/ her origin or anglophone as an identity? Knowledge is not in textbooks but in your understanding of the text context of usage.

It is conformity that has driven us stupid ignorant yet educated with Phds.

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