Amba does not want dialogue don’t be fooled and stop fooling around. For the sake of the truth, didn’t Amba tabled a list of requirements they said were the problems that needed addressing in 2016! I want to ask all, has Amba ever given any feedbacks as to the outcome of the dialogue of 2016 -17

How can you dialogue sense with people who want to be heard but don’t want to listen? When Amba talks of dialogue, something beyond their own internal ability they are seeking people who will listen to them agree without asking them questions. Fact.

Amba claims they want the truth, but the truth is what Amba wants you to see and believe and not what is the actual truth. Fact

Therefore, how do you dialogue with this type of cartel ? All they want is for someone to support their views on independence and or federation. Can Amba explain the problem that warrant such political matters! The answer is no. SCNC agenda.

Truth be spoken, on the list of requirements made in 2016, the government refused to comment on two and only those two requests are still outstanding today.
Let me ask the entire population of Cameroon who have had a dispute and a resolution. Amba present more than 10 request and only two have been left out, is that not what dialogue is all about? What does Amba wants to dialogue on today?

The whole issue was based on marginalisation.
Can someone explain how independence or federation will stop marginalisation?
That is what lead to Amba denouncement of the Upstation dialogue as failure and all subsequent attempts of the government to talk sense into Amba

Let us reflect on the past to understand the type of mentality called Amba. Between 2016-17. The Cameroon government tried to talk reason with Amba to no success. The government sent send delegations around the globe, some were insulted and some were chased away by Amba diaspora.

Amba leaders, took their case international community claiming the government does not want to listen to their problems or address their grievances. Why are they openly telling lies to the followers?

The reason is simple, all Amba claims are amplified to give followers a perception against the state. All the language of Swiss mediation, Canada talks are all staged to give the followers an impression.

What is going on? In 2017, many none SCNC members join the cartel lured by the initial voice of change in Cameroon but when they realised it was more an SCNC agenda their views stated fuelling division among the SCNC- UB cartel. This cracks widen as the international community understood Amba objections and paid a blind eye to their staged protest in the name of anti genocide protest. How can people who declared war claim to be victims of war?

Truth be spoken, nothing has changed from 2017 to present day. All consentions the government made are the biggest achievements of Amba to date. On the opposite side. We can see the outcome of Amba trying to use force to achieve their cartel agenda.

Amba has failed to convince anyone of any problems affecting someone called an anglophone that warrant international attention. It is all a pre-planned act by the SCNC- UB cartel


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