If you let others reason and talk on your behalf, you aren’t diff to a cow heading to the slaughterhouse.

The NW is a prime example, they are being tripped off their freedoms and liberties, killed daily while perpetrators are abroad hiding and crying genocide against you. They are the people responsible for your misery because you sold your brains and mouths to them in 2016 and they guided you to the slaughter house like cows.

Once a cow has entered the slaughter house, can the cow fight back? That is Bda today

Let me ask all parents across the NW & SW a simple question,
haven’t you got children at UB, how many of you didn’t passed through UB or didn’t passed through any university?

Are you aware that all these cartel members you are following behind and applauding in the name of our leaders are all ex UB students like you or your children!

Let me ask all of you just one question, did all of you have the same lessons and the same lecturers? If you are not worshipping bush faller status, why do you see people like Cho Ayaba, Mark Bareta, Tapang Ivo, Éric Tataw, Akwanga, Balla, MANCHO etc to be more knowledgeable than yourselves deciding what is right for you? Did they send you to UB?

The most wicked, barbaric and extremist Amba leaders who are responsible for all atrocities today are all EX UB students and to the best of my knowledge this behaviours can be traced to their behaviours at UB. Look at, Cho Ayaba, MANCHO or Mark Bareta or Tapang Ivo or Éric Tataw and see the footprints. Mark Bareta was one of their Junior SCNC UB leaders

Some of these very UB ex students are jobless youths who are in bushes in the name of Amba independence. Some of you know all these guys in your UB days, if you are not ignorant what do you see in them today apart of bush faller status that makes you think they are better than you knowledge wise?

Use your brain to reason, use your mouth to talk sense. All went to UB but others sold their brains and mouths to a handful. See how your own UB mate who claims to love you is treating you today? It is shameful and a disgrace to any UB student supporting this cartel. You are indirectly acknowledging that you didn’t qualify to be in the same lesson with this Cartel but some of you were more knowledgeable than all these bunch true or false?

I am Pas Claudius, if this bunch have the knowledge you see in them or possess reason that can provide just one job to a stranger, they should unblock me in their groups! I am not proud to say it OPENLY, any Amba leader who thinks he or she has reason that can advance any community should question me. I am not against Amba but I breakdown their knowledge, examine it to demonstrate the absence of reason and technical know how.


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