This is the Amba world of knowledge and reason. if you are gz you are not different to the dog on the leash taking orders. Dance you dance, jump you jump. They have taken your brains and mouth leaving you babbling the jargons leaders are preaching abroad like illiterate school masters with no ability to defend yourself. Kill for independence you kill. Burn houses you do. Are you mentally ok! Make the place ungovernable you do. No school you agree. Are they your parents? Fight for justice and you go around singing we want justice. What is justice? None of you can answer. Na curse or na just dullness?

Is there knowledge in Europe or does the plane grants people free knowledge? Some of you back home can teach Tapang ivo, mark Berata, Cho Ayaba, Chris Anu, Sako etc

You are just an Amba slave of passion unaware that is why all you can do is recite what those abroad are saying without any ability to justify yourselves or backup with evidence.

Some days I feel like laughing but can’t bcos so many have paid the price.

Let all listen to Amba leaders https://www.facebook.com/CapoDanielDDC/videos/1366022390796242/?idorvanity=485071438705705&mibextid=W9rl1R

To all my enemies the truth and reality, one day you will all say, WHY DIDNT I LISTEN TO HIM.

You have been scammed

The truth must be the truth and I am the truth


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